Your Global Partner for Brand Protection

Your brand is your most valuable asset. When you work with Brady, you can have peace of mind knowing we’ll do whatever it takes to safeguard your brand’s integrity – for today, and for the future.

We have nearly 100 years of experience and are a trusted global label supplier for the brand security industry. Our product authentication labels and services will help you combat threats of counterfeiting, gray market diversion and tampering.

 More About Us:

  • Brand Protection Integrator. We custom design a multi-faceted security strategy for your brand with industry-leading technologies, service and support.
  • Globally Secure Supply Chain. With multiple secure locations around the world, we are a global label supplier with the convenience of local resources and support.
  • A Long-Term Brand Partner. Our consultative approach spans from assessment and design to integration and monitoring.
  • One Step Ahead. Our R&D experts develop leading-edge technology roadmaps that will keep your brand ahead of the criminal element.
  • Committed to Integrity. We take our greatest pride in our reputation for integrity, honesty and our strong Brady values.

To learn more about Brady, download our Brady Brand Protection Solutions Overview.
To learn more about our brand protection technologies or digital authentication and tracking technologies, download our Brand Protection brochure.