Covert Technologies

Covert technologies are designed to keep your counterfeit and piracy protection features confidential. These complex security elements are invisible to the naked eye, and require simple tools or special equipment for authentication.

Brady offers a range of advanced covert security solutions, from security taggants or tracers to invisible barcodes, security printing, micro-imaging, and DNA markers. These security elements are not immediately discernable by your customers, and can be integrated with overt features to provide an added layer of protection that is uniquely designed for your brand.

Each technology is continually reviewed and evaluated by a formal technology steering team to ensure its success amid the increasingly sophisticated criminal intent. We work around the clock - with internal and external partners - to develop new technologies to protect your brand.

To learn more about Brady's covert technologies, including security taggants or tracers, invisible barcodes and micro-imaging, download the Brochure.