Digital Authentication and Tracking Services

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For an added layer of brand security, Brady can integrate digital authentication and tracking technologies into your counterfeit and gray market protection program. Through the use of 2D barcodes, smart phones and cloud-based technologies, we can help you gain cost-effective, unit-level identification, authentication, traceability and business intelligence throughout your entire supply chain.

Consumer Authentication

  • Customers can instantly verify the authenticity of a product prior to purchase
  • Easy consumer access to additional product details and warranty programs
  • Brand owners gain a direct link to consumers for marketing and promotions

Unit-Level Identification and Traceability

  • Highly secure, automatically generated codes uniquely identify each product
  • Easy management of product returns, recalls or warranty claims
  • Efficient serial number management, product tracking and tracing
  • Copy Protection feature that detects if the printed code is an original

Business Analytics

  • Real-time analytics locate and identify counterfeiting and gray market activity
  • Intuitive business portal interface offers heat map dashboards, alerts and business reports

Since Brady is an integrator of technologies, we’re always working with an assortment of digital service providers.
One of our leading partners is Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

HP Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS)
As a foundation partner with HPE, Brady offers this cloud-based brand protection service, which enables consumers and/or supply chain partners to instantly verify the authenticity of products using their smart phones while providing brand owners real-time analytics driven by a customizable business rules engine.

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