Overt Technologies

Overt Technologies

Micro-optic lens films, holograms, embossed optical film and the use of state-of-the-art complex security printing software are just some of the overt technologies Brady can utilize to design security labels for your brand. These security solutions are visible to the naked eye, which means your customers or inspectors can immediately authenticate your product or brand – without the need for any special tools.

To ensure their success, we engage a formal technology steering team to meticulously review and evaluate our entire technology portfolio. We work tirelessly with internal and external partners to anticipate the criminal intent and develop cutting-edge technologies that will keep your brand safe.

It is common practice to combine strong overt security elements with covert or tracking security technologies for an advanced, multi-layered protection plan. We’ll work together with you to identify the best product authentication technologies for your brand.

Learn more about Brady’s flagship product TruLens Micro-optic Labels.

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