Customized and Controlled: Tamper Evident Labels and Coatings

Customized Tamper Evident Label

To protect your brand, it’s critically important to know when – and how – someone is tampering with your products.

For low volume or less critical situations we offer an assortment of stock tamper seals and tamper indicating labels through our traditional indicating label offering. For applications that require a higher level of security and/or a controlled supply chain, we can also work together with you to design custom tamper evidence labels to meet your brand’s exact needs.

We can create a fully customized and secure chain of custody controlled solution with unique tamper, heat, chemical, or water indicating features.

Our tamper evident labels and coatings are backed by nearly 100 years of experience in the coating and printing industry. We actively employ new product development technology roadmap programs to ensure that our solutions are continually evolving – and that your brand is always one step ahead of the criminal intent.

To learn more about our customizable and secure chain of custody controlled tamper evident labels and coatings, download our brochure.