Traditional Destructible Labels

Destructible Labels

Brady’s destructible labels, also known as frangible labels, are made with extremely fragile label material that will easily fracture if any tampering is attempted.

As part of our Brady Defender™ label series, these destructible labels are a quick and convenient security solution that can help prevent one-piece removal. They are available for purchase as stock labels, or they can be used as a base material for adding unique, customized overt and covert security features specific to your brand.

Standard Destructible Label Materials:
Material Number
Print Technology
Agency Approvals
Technical Data Sheet
B-122 Matte White Paper Dot Matrix View TDS
B-351 Matte White Vinyl Thermal Transfer View TDS
B-352 Matte Metallized Vinyl Thermal Transfer UL View TDS
B-410 Matte White Polyolefin Laser View TDS
B-607 Matte White Vinyl Dot Matrix UL, CSA View TDS
B-609 Matte White Paper Dot Matrix View TDS

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