Water Detection Labels

Our VisAlert™ water detection labels are a fast, reliable way to identify when your products are exposed to water-based solutions. The labels are designed with water contact indicators that permanently change color when the edges come into contact with water based solutions.

Water detection labels are commonly used in electronic devices, including mobile devices, communication handsets, digital cameras, handheld games and laptop computers. They are particularly valuable for verifying water damage during shipment or validating customer warranty claims.

Brady offers standard stock VisAlert™ water detection labels, but we can also work with you to develop a custom water indicating solution with unique coatings for your specific application.

Water Detection Materials:

Material Number
Print Technology
Agency Approvals
Technical Data Sheet
B-350 Glossy Polyester/Paper Laminate turns from white to red when exposed Thermal Transfer UL View TDS
Custom Specialized inks and coatings added to custom engineered security labels that run, smudge or show color change when exposed Thermal Transfer

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